Who am I?

Damian Tuka "Tukos"

Tukos ( Damian Tuka)

Independent photographer, Poet, Ex Special Forces.

Because of his army background Tukos artwork reflects tempting and dangerous areas of human mind.
He is trying to show the dark side of human nature, exposing this in his edgy, aggressive photos or poems filled with sadness and anger.

Tukos goes his own way and combines classic photography with modern post processing tools to achieve the desired effect. In his photography he strives for precision and tries to expose small details that matter.

Text writer and curator for poetry band "Driada".
In 2000-2002 he was a jurnalist (editor) in youth newspaper from Szczecin, Poland.
Co-author of "No Name" Cabaret from Stargard, Poland.
Initiator of military cabaret "Elewatywa" operating in School for non-commissioned Officers in Lebork, Poland.
Member of "Polish InvadARTs"  and Co-founder of "Barking Man" group also from Leeds facebook.com/BarkingManUK.

Damian Tuka "Tukos"
Damian Tuka "Tukos"
Damian Tuka "Tukos"

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